August 21, 2013

Series: Abuse

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Learning on The Way:

  1. How would you define shame?  How would you distinguish it from guilt?  Is it possible to have both shame and guilt over an act?

2. What are some examples of shame that come from what we do? What are some examples of shame that come from what others do?

Below are some common areas that we feel shame.  From the list below which would be the three, you deal with the most?

Appearance and body image                    Money and work

Motherhood/Fatherhood                            Family

Parenting                                                    Mental and Physical health

Addiction                                                     Sex

Aging                                                           Religion

Surviving Trauma                                        Being stereotyped or judged.

3. Does the connection between shame and our allegiances or associations make sense to you?  The sermon talked about two kinds of associations.  The first was a deeply spiritual association with God or Satan.  The second was an earthly association with honorable or dishonorable people or institutions.  Who have you tried to associate with in the past to help overcome shame in your life?

4. Shame needs three things to grow– Silence, Secrecy, and Judgment.  How have you been feeding your shame?  Read James 5:16.  What should you be sharing and asking prayer about rather than hiding?