Ruth 4

April 29, 2024

Series: Ruth

Ruth 4
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Learning on the Way

What was your favorite chapter in Ruth and why? What truth did it speak to you and how has it changed your life?

Why is it important to understand that, like Ruth, all of Scripture points to Christ? How does that change the way you study scripture? How does that impact your everyday life (give some practical examples)?

List some ways life has been hard and/or disappointing to you. List some ways you have been blessed and prospered in life. What role do you believe God’s Providence has played in life’s hardships and blessings? How does the truth of God’s Providence inform/change the way you face the hardships and blessings of the future?

Why do our hard times drive us to despair instead of driving us to Jesus? What does that say about what we believe about who God is and what God has done? How can we correct those false beliefs?

In Ruth we see God fulfill His redemptive purposes in Christ during hard times (in the period of the Judges, Ruth 1:1). How does that inspire you to face the seemingly chaotic time we are presently in? What does it say about God’s purposes being realized in the return of King Jesus? How should we respond to that truth?