Psalm 72

November 12, 2023
Psalm 72
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Learning on the way

Which Psalm or biblical theme in Book 2 of the Psalms connected with your life? How did it help you, and why? What has been the most encouraging thing you have learned from the second book of the Psalms?

In what ways does your daily life reflect your hopeful expectation of Jesus, the Royal Son, spreading God’s glory throughout the earth? What areas you can improve? If it doesn’t impact your life, why not?

Does the fact that Jesus has fulfilled all of God’s promises give you confidence that he will fulfill his promises in your life? What gives you confidence (feel free to include scriptures)? What causes you to lack confidence or even doubt God?

What are the typical distractions in the world that cause you to become anxious and take your eyes off Jesus? What steps do you take to readjust your focus back to him instead of the things of the world?