Psalm 7

May 24, 2021
Psalm 7
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Learning on The Way

1. Has there ever been a time you were falsely accused? Share your experience and how felt and how you dealt with it.

2. First we are to cry out to God for help. Is this your first course of action or do you find yourself crying out to others? How does God minister to you in these times?

3. Second David asks God to search his heart first. Do you ever ask God to search your heart? If no, why not? Do you ever find yourself enjoying someone else’s mistakes or sin, especially someone who isn’t always kind to you? Do you ever ask God to help you see if there is any truth to another person’s accusations?

4. Third David calls for God’s judgment and justice. God is still bringing justice every day. As a believer how does this bring you hope and comfort? Are you ever tempted to doubt God’s justice in this life?

5. David’s trust is in God’s goodness and justice therefore his heart turns to worship. How does this turn your heart to worship? How does it motivate you to share the gospel?