Psalm 6

May 17, 2021
Psalm 6
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Small-Group Questions

1. The source of David’s confidence is God’s character. Do you struggle with confidence when you pray? Are there parts of God’s character you feel unfamiliar with? Which attribute do you struggle with the most- God’s holiness, his love, that he is just or that He is kind? How does understanding his holiness help you appreciate His love and kindness?

2. Sin keeps us out of his presence, but our obedience won’t let us go in either. How have you rejected God’s love by trying to be a perfect moral person? Has there ever been a time in which you have used Jesus only to fill in the gaps of your performance?

3. God is just. We rebel against His authority and sovereignty. How was an evildoer (vs. 5) defined in the message? Where do you find yourself rebelling against God most in your day-to-day life? Has there been times in your life where you can see how the enemy tried to use humor to definitive you to sin?

4. Were you surprised to see liars and murderers listed together as equal objects of God’s hatred? Why do you think these two sins were put other? What do you think lying is such a big deal to God?