Psalm 55

September 10, 2023
Psalm 55
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Learning on the way

Have you ever participated in or been the victim of a whisper campaign? What kind of hurt or betrayal was caused or felt? Why do you think whisper campaigns are so destructive?

Is it difficult for you to be honest with God? Do you feel like you need to dress up your prayers to God? What is your reasoning behind that? What can you do to become more honest with God when you pray?

Do you tend to want to escape from difficult circumstances? How does Jesus’ example in the garden of Gethsemane show us how to deal with difficult circumstances? How does God’s grace help you to endure in difficult circumstances? Where do you need to grow in endurance?

What burdens have you wrapped in chains right now? What aspects of God’s grace give you the courage to cast those burdens on the Lord? How can your small group help you continue to trust God after you’ve cast your burdens on Him?