Psalm 54

September 5, 2023
Psalm 54
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Learning on the way

How do you typically respond when a family member betrays you? What hinders you from responding like David, Paul, and Silas (with singing and prayer)? What can you do to grow in a more biblical response to betrayal?

Talk about an instance when you went from pleading with God to save you to praising Him for deliverance. What brought you to a place of praise? Were there any scriptures that helped you? What lies hindered you from trusting God in your time of pleading? Why do you think you believed those lies?

Share a testimony of how God proved Himself to you. How does knowing who God is (from that experience) inform what you believe He will do in other hardships? Do you ever struggle with trusting God, even though He has proven Himself to you? Why do you think that is?

Can you identify with the Christian lady Dr. Lambert was pastoring (in the sermon illustration)? In what ways? Why do you think you struggle with worry and anxiety, considering what God has done for you in Christ? What practical things can you do to help overcome your nagging and constant worries and anxiety over time?

Talk about some of the ways the Lord’s Supper ministers to you and has taken a deeper meaning for you as you’ve grown in Christ.