Psalm 52

August 20, 2023
Psalm 52
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Learning on the way

If someone were to take an assessment of your actions, would they portray trust in the Lord or a desire to advance yourself (look good in the eyes of others)? What are some things you can make a part of your daily life that will help you trust the Lord more?

How do you typically deal with difficult people? How does Psalm 52 challenge that? How will you deal with difficult people in the future in light of Psalm 52 (and even 53-54)?

How does your reaction to evil differ from David’s reaction in Psalm 52? Why do you find yourself desiring to return evil for evil instead of trusting in the Lord? What needs to be confessed and repented of so your reactions to evil line up with God’s Word?

Discuss one area you have been growing during the past 3 months. Now look ahead into the next three months. Ask, “In what one area would you like to see yourself grow most (or continue growing most)?”

Have you ever prayed through any of the Psalms? What benefits do you see in praying the Psalms (or other Scripture)? What keeps you from praying the Scriptures? Close your prayer time tonight by praying through Psalm 20.