Psalm 51

August 14, 2023
Psalm 51
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Learning on the way

Share some times you have tried to cover your own sin. How did that work out for you? What typically causes you to confess and repent of your sin? How does God’s mercy inform your decisions to hide or confess your sin?

In what ways are your sins similar to David’s sins (lust, murder, adultery, lying)? How do you commit these (and other sins) in your heart, even though you may not go through the actions? What are you doing to confront these sins? How do you respond when you are confronted with your sins? How can you help others confront their sins?

Has something “taken” the joy of your salvation? What is it? What steps should you take to restore that joy? How do you respond to God’s grace and mercy in your sin? How should you respond to God’s mercy?

Read verses 16-17 what do these verses teach us about the importance of the state of our heart when it comes to worship? (Worship here does not just means the songs we sing but our life as a whole we live before God.)