Psalm 50

July 31, 2023
Psalm 50
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Learning on the way

Share some things that come into your mind when you think about God. How are those thoughts consistent or inconsistent with the way the Bible describes God?

Talk about times in your life when your worship and service to God were meaningless. Why do you think it was meaningless? What caused your worship and service to become meaningful again?

When you have an ungrateful heart, how does that affect the way you worship God? How does it affect the way you treat others? How does it affect the way you serve others? How do you repent of your ingratitude and begin to serve the Lord with thanksgiving? (See Psalm 51 for what this kind of repentance and worship should look like.)

If God were to judge you right now for the company you keep and the things you take pleasure in, what do you think His judgment would be (and why do you think it would be that)? What role do you think your understanding of who God is plays in the way you interact with unbelievers and the things you find pleasure in?

Your identity comes before your instructions in the New Testament. How has knowing and seeing the salvation of God in your life caused you to order your life rightly and to worship and serve with thankfulness and not begrudgingly?