Psalm 49

July 30, 2023
Psalm 49
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Learning on the way

Talk about sometimes the Lord dealt with you personally and you projected that onto others (like your small group or friend circle). How did they respond? What did you learn from the process?

How have you tried to satisfy God’s justice through your own actions (trying to bribe God with your things or work)? What do you think that says about the way you view God? How do you think God’s justice is satisfied? How does that realty affect the way you act?

Do you fear death? What about the reality of death causes you to fear? What are some ways you try to distract yourself from the reality of death? What are some scriptures that give you peace and hope when you begin to fear death?

Timothy and Kathy Keller penned a prayer in response to Ps 49 that reads in part, “Lord, I often catch myself imagining how much greater life would be if I had more. I also quietly ‘boast’ in my heart when I see myself able to afford certain goods and inhabit certain places. Save my heart from such shallowness and foolishness.”

What are some things you don’t have that you find yourself complaining about? How is gaining those things going to help you serve Christ and others better or would those things distract you from Christ? Why is it shallow and foolish for you to complain about what you don’t have?

How does the reality of eternity put what you may or may not have in their proper perspective? How can you do better living in the light of eternity?