Psalm 46

July 17, 2023
Psalm 46
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Learning on the way

How do you normally deal with change? Has the way you have dealt with change been different as you have gotten older?

The sermon referred to the city as being a place that people felt safe and put their trust in. What are the things you find yourself putting your trust in like they did their city walls? Why do you think it is easier for you trust these things more than God? How can you begin to place your trust in God more than you trust other things?

Have their been times in your life that you found it easier to cling to God? What were the circumstances of those times? How have you found refuge in Him in past circumstances?

How does the peace God will bring on the final day give you peace even now? Talk about how the renewal of all things renews you day by day?

Is it difficult for you to be still and know God is God? Why do you think that is? Could it be pride or self-righteousness? How does your sin remind you that you are not God but that you need Him?