Psalm 45

July 10, 2023
Psalm 45

Learning on the way

Does your heart overflow with love for Jesus? Why or why not? What are some ways you express that overflowing love for Jesus? What are some ways the Bible calls us to express our love for Jesus?

How does living in anticipation of the marriage of the King inform the way you live in the here and now (give some concrete examples)? How is your life impacted when you forget to live in anticipation of the marriage of the King? How can we keep the balance of serving the King in the here and now while anxiously anticipating His return?

What are some ways that you get distracted from the beauty of Christ? Where do you turn in those times of distraction (entertainment, alcohol, lust…)? What are some steps you can take to prevent turning away from Christ and turning to those other things?

How are you doing sharing the good news of the King (the gospel)? Share some testimonies of success and failure in sharing the gospel. What helps you succeed in sharing the gospel and what causes you to fail?