Psalm 42

April 5, 2022

Book: Psalms

Psalm 42
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Learning On The Way

What are some of the things that have happened over the last couple of weeks or months that make you feel like God has singled you out to suffer? How have you been dealing with that? How can we (your small group) help you in these things?

Have you ever dealt with spiritual depression? What do you think were (or are) the causes of spiritual depression in your life? Do you think the ultimate cause was unbelief? How does the gospel give us hope in our spiritual depression and/or in the things that cause spiritual depression?

In times of spiritual depression do you feel like you can be honest with God? What makes you feel like you need to be dishonest with God? What makes you believe you can be honest with God? What are some ways we can train our hearts to be open and honest with God?

Do you do a good job of speaking truth to the lies you hear on loop on your mind? How can we do better to preach the gospel to ourselves and combat the lies of the adversary in our lives?