Psalm 4

May 3, 2021
Psalm 4
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Learning on The Way

In Psalm 4, David calls out to God and demands an answer. The Psalms set an example of how we can boldly approach God in this way. Read and discuss the following texts: Psalms 22:1-5, 42:9-11, and Hebrews 4:16. Is this something that is or has been practiced in your prayer life? Why or why not?

Have you experienced being taken advantage of, or have people who are close to you sought to harm you? How do you sleep at night knowing that there are enemies out there that might want to attack you? How did you feel and respond? What do you think you could have learned from that situation to help you in the future?

God promises us He will come to our rescue. So, how do you feel that it is not always when and what you may have hoped for? What do you need to do to have more confidence and see God’s plan even when you do not understand it?

How did this Psalm minister to you personally? In what way will this Psalm help you to face the challenges of this week?