Psalm 38

January 23, 2022

Book: Psalms

Psalm 38
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Learning on The Way

Means of grace have been mentioned in the last few sermons. [Click here to review the means of Grace]. What are some hindrances to participating in these means of grace? How have you noticed those patterns fueling your hope in God? how have you noticed your hope waning when these means of grace are interrupted?

Think about some times you have been “sin-sick.” How long did it take for you to admit sin was the source of your roaring and frustration? Why do you think it was so difficult to acknowledge sin as the source? What are some things we can do to ensure we immediately run to God the next time he chastens us for sin?

David was able to turn to God because he knew the character of God. Several things are mentioned in the Psalm that David knew about God’s character that helped him turn to God. What are some other things you know about the character and work of God that help you turn to him when you are chastened for your sin? How do those things give you confidence to turn to him and place your hope in him?

What are some ways we can recognize when our unbelieving neighbors are sin-sick? What are some ways we can use this as “gospel opportunities” and turn their hopes toward Christ? What are some ways we can be sure we are prepared to share the gospel with our sin-sick neighbors when the opportunity arises?