Psalm 37

January 16, 2022

Book: Psalms

Psalm 37
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Learning on The Way

What do you take delight in this world? What things bring you joy?

We are to befriend and feed our faithfulness. How do you do this in your life? What are some patterns of grace that we can establish to ensure that our focus is on the Lord and we delight in Him? What role do other believers play in feeding your faithfulness?

How do you respond to the wicked plotting against God? Do you forget that you have a protector and get angry or upset at the wicked? Do you spend time fighting a fight God has already promised to fight for you?

What are some evidences you have seen in your life that God truly does delight in you? How did you to respond to God when those evidences became blatant?

Do you delight in God by being obedient and content in his provision? Do you look around and compare what he has provided for others or what the wicked has? How does your focus need to shift to eternal things? What temporary things distract you?