Psalm 36

January 9, 2022

Book: Psalms

Psalm 36
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Learning on The Way

1. Do you ever find yourself surprised by sinners sinning? What negative effects have you experienced personally when you have focused on the sin in this world? Particularly the sin that has been done to you or that you have perceived as done to you?

2. We can remain stable and consistent in this unstable and inconsistent world by focusing on God and His attributes. Which attribute(s) do you focus on the most to keep you stable? What times or circumstances do you find it challenging to keep your focus on God?

3. When we value the priceless, unfailing love of God, we will run to him in times of trouble. When we under value His love we will run from him out of fear. Which way do you find yourself running in times of trouble?

4. At the end of the psalm David prays for what God has already promised to do. We pray for this to humble us and remind us of his promises and faithfulness. Do you resist praying for things out of resignation? How do you remind yourself of his faithfulness? How can your prayer life be stronger?

5. What are some ways we can lovingly and tactfully remind the wicked that God is to be feared and that they will one day stand before him in judgement? Think back on your own conversion how did God use people in your life to draw you to Christ?