Psalm 34

December 7, 2021

Book: Psalms

Psalm 34
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Learning on The Way

1. In Psalm 34, David wrote “I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise will continually be in my mouth” (Psalm 34:1). Have you ever thought to yourself that it might have been easy for David to praise God because he was a king and therefore lived like a king? Or do you think that it is more difficult for people who live like kings to be thankful to God – for example, might the rich and powerful be tempted to focus on their own hard work and give themselves credit rather than God? Do you think it is harder, easier, or just different for the powerful and wealthy to be thankful to and praise God?

2. Jonny talked about the Bible and scripture being an effective tool to reorient our focus back to God during tough or discouraging times. Have you ever used the Bible for this purpose? Have you ever thought about planning ahead and having a strategy to fight discouragement?

3. Jonny also talked about us having so much access to scripture that we don’t see it as valuable or that we take it for granted. Do you think this is the case in your life?

4. Johnny also talked about scripture memorization as a “spiritual discipline.” In your own words, what do you think a spiritual discipline is? Is this something that you do? Does its availability decrease the necessity to memorize scripture in your mind? Have you considered preemptively memorizing scripture as a plan for discouraging times or difficult situations in your life? Share with the group any verses that have proven helpful to you.