Psalm 33

November 30, 2021

Book: Psalms

Psalm 33
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Learning on The Way

1. Psalm 33 speaks to worship. Describe what worship means to you and the role it plays in your life.

2. David gives a call to worship. Worship should be accompanied by appropriate instruments, be fresh and new, played skillfully, and with enthusiasm. Discuss each of those aspects and how you’ve seen them incorporated well into worship.

3. God is watching our hearts. Do you worship God or just certain types of worship music? Have your opinions, preferences or ideas ever kept you from worshipping? Share a time you have experienced true worship in a style you were not familiar or comfortable with.

4. David also gives the cause for worship. Worship God through His word and because of His character we see in his word. He is good with wise counsel. His plans and purpose are above all, and his gaze sees all. How do those realities about God help shape your worship?

5. We need to guard against spiritual anemia. We must worship to prepare our hearts for the week. We also must be regularly participating in the Body of Christ. We cannot grow without being a part of the church. Have you ever experienced spiritual anemia? What was the cause? How have you seen worship and regular attendance play a positive role in your life?