Psalm 23

September 13, 2021
Psalm 23
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Learning on the Way

1. David is the king supreme authority in Israel but displaying humility in this passage. He is acknowledging that he is not the ultimate authority, but God is. Do you acknowledge God’s authority in your life? Give examples of how you do or don’t. How are you rectifying this in your life?

2. Jesus is the Good Shepherd who is gracious and rejoices when we return to him. As parents and followers of Jesus we should be trustworthy to our children and those around us. Are you trustworthy with other’s hearts and stories? Do you listen patiently with graciousness? Or are you harsh and critical, always rushing ahead to correct everyone? Share a time when someone was quick to criticize you in the church and the effect it had on you. Share a time when you were too quick to criticize someone’s choices and share the affect that had.

3. The Good Shepherd walks with us through fearful circumstances and situations in our lives. He never leaves us alone. Fear can damage us when we internalize it. The answer to fear is a greater fear- to grow in awe of God. How has your awe of God grown? How has it combated fear in your life? How can we be kind and trustworthy to those struggling with fear?

4. God provides us with an eternal rest and reprieve. He leads us and goodness and mercy follows. How does keeping your eyes on the eternal help you with fear? How does seeing your eternal inheritance help you with comparison and insecurity/ jealousy today?