Psalm 21

August 30, 2021
Psalm 21
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Learning on The Way

1. Psalm 20 and 21 are two different psalms that compliment each other. Psalm 20 shows a desperate heart in need of help while 21 shows a heart celebrating God’s provision and salvation. Does your prayer life resemble 20 or 21 more? How can you achieve more of a balance?

2. Our faith should be anchored in our steadfast God and his work not in our temporary and fallible efforts. Think about your life. Give examples from your life that demonstrate where you are anchored in God but still struggle with being anchored in your own efforts.

3. God is very patient with us and graciously gives time and opportunity for our salvation. Is our life marked with that same patience for others? Are we long suffering with others or are we quick to demand vengeance or obedience? Where do you struggle with extending patience?

4. Our heart should be in awe of God and His gift of unmerited grace. In response our hearts should grow in patience and praise. Is your life marked by praise or complaint/criticism? Do you praise Him regularly? In what ways do you incorporate praise into your daily life?