Psalm 19

August 15, 2021

Learning on The Way

1. God daily pours out His glory through creation. What have you seen lately that has inspired you to remember God and His glory in creation?

2. The law is perfect and good. We are not perfect and good and cannot keep the law. The law is meant to point us to Jesus. Do you remember when you were first confronted with God’s law, and felt such hopelessness that made you run to Christ? (If you have never shared your testimony with your group share how you came to Christ.)

3. The psalm describes God as our rock and our redeemer. God is our sure and unshakable foundation. How has God shown you this in your life this week?

Bonus Question: David praises God’s word. How do you praise God’s word in your life? His word should be our greatest treasure. Our faith and God’s word are the inheritance we leave to our children. Does your life indicate that His word is important enough that you make it a priority to share it with your children? In what ways do you struggle with this? How can we help each other?