Psalm 14

July 11, 2021
Psalm 14
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Learning on The Way

How does this psalm define a fool? Who is a wise man and who is a fool? Would you agree that a believing twelve-year-old is wiser than an atheist with a Ph.D.?

What does the author mean when he says, “there are none who does good, not even one.” What does this mean for humanity and our need for Jesus? If there is no one who does good, what can we say about the unbeliever who helps the little old lady across the street? Or the unbeliever that donates large sums of money to charity?

Verse 6 says God is the refuge of the poor. How should our view of the poor be impacted by this statement?

Verse 7 declares salvation would come out of Zion, a clear reference to Jesus. Who is someone that your group could be praying for that needs the salvation that comes from Christ?