Psalm 13

July 4, 2021
Psalm 13
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Learning on The Way

The Psalmist feels that God has acted against His nature and forgotten him and hidden His face from him. Describe a time when you felt that God has acted toward you in a similar way? Have you ever felt betrayed by God? What are some circumstances that made you feel this way?

The Psalmist seems to feel abandoned and consumed by circumstances and worry about possible outcomes. (v. 2-4) These concerns are probably legitimate, but fixation on circumstances can cause us to doubt the providence of God. How have you felt abandoned and/or struggled with this type of doubt? What made you feel this way? In what ways has God proven himself in your life to be faithful in the face of your doubt?

The Psalmist speaks of his trust in God’s steadfast (covenant) love. A covenant is a contract. When God entered this covenant, he willingly took on the obligation to provide for and love his people. How does knowing this truth make you feel? How does this change the way you see your circumstances?

God’s care and provision for us does not mean we will be free from pain and hardship. Read Romans 8:16-39. Have the burdens you’ve been asked to bear brought you anger, bitterness, jealousy, etc.? How does the knowledge that God understands our suffering and that we suffer in hope help your perspective? It doesn’t always feel that the promise of future glory is worth the sacrifice our burdens require of us here. Can you truly agree that Christ is worthy of the sacrifice your burden requires? In what ways has the Lord dealt bountifully with you?