Psalm 11

June 22, 2021
Psalm 11
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Learning on The Way

Describe a time where you felt this temptation to flee in the face of opposition or uncertainty. How did you respond and what did you learn?

The counsel of despair says there’s no hope, just give up. We can give in to this despair in three ways: withdraw and hide away, withdraw emotionally and judge, flee for nostalgia. Which of these is your response when you give in to fear? How does it work against you and pull you away from God?

The sermon offered three application points to stand firm in our faith. 1. Pray which encourages patience, combats reactivity, and changes our perspective. 2. Change our perspective which helps us to focus on God and not other’s business, combats our pride in thinking others think like we do. 3. Press in not pull away so that our focus is showing other Jesus and not our opinions. Discuss these three areas. Where do you struggle to apply these to your life? How has God used situations in your life to help teach you these application points?