August 28, 2022

Series: Philemon

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Learning On The Way

Are you comfortable confronting your brothers and sisters in Christ when they are not living up to living in the “New Humanity” we are now a part of? If you’re reluctant, what holds you back? If you’re overzealous, how can you be more wise and gracious?

We’ve asked this question several times in several different ways, but we want to press it again. Are you other focused or self-focused? Have you grown in being more other focused and less self-focused since the last time we talked about it?

What are some ways in our context we can follow Paul’s example of selfless love towards Philemon and Onesimus?

When you must confront others with their need for change are you cold and blunt or gracious, thankful, and kind? Where have you failed? How can you do better?

Are you willing to give generously to help a struggling brother or sister in Christ? If not, what keeps you from being generous? How do discern whether you should be generous to a person or if you should help them another way? Is that process guided by a desire for generosity or greediness?