Peace on Earth – 9

January 15, 2023

Series: Peace On Earth

Peace on Earth - 9
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Learning on the Way

What are some things you have forgiven since Sunday? What are some things you know you should forgive but haven’t yet? How can we help you reach a place of forgiving others?

When corrective discipline is necessary, do you do it with restoration in view? Are you argumentative or gentle and patient? Do you do it for your self-interest or for the sake of the other person?

When you are sinned against, do you go to that person alone or do you tend to spread it to others? Or, do you want to call them out in front of others? What is the wisdom in going to them personally and confronting them in private?

Talk about the wisdom in taking an advocate for the other person you’re confronting when you have to “take one or two others along” (Matthew 18:16)? Is this something you’ve done in the past and how will it inform any future corrective discipline you are involved in?

What are some ways you are prone to write people off too quickly? How can you forgive others in the same way God has forgiven you? How can we practice corrective discipline in a manner that demonstrates God’s love for us?