Peace on Earth – 8

January 10, 2023

Series: Peace On Earth

Peace on Earth - 8
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Learning on the Way

What are some ways the “Peace on Earth” series has convicted you and disciplined you in a formative way? Did it have an impact on your family gatherings this year?

Talk about some times you have been disciplined by God. Do you think of the discipline of God as punishment or love? Do I equate discipline with punishment? How does this way of thinking inform your response to discipline from God?

Have you ever thought about the dangers of walking with Christ for a long time? If you have been a Christian for a long time, do you find yourself getting impatient with young believers? Or are you humble like a child in Jesus’ parable? Are you willing to be helped just as you are willing to offer help?

Think about the ways you are disciplining others. Is the bulk of your time spent in formative discipline or corrective discipline? Where are you impatient and tend to move to corrective discipline when you should be formatively disciplining?