Peace On Earth - 5

December 12, 2022

Series: Peace On Earth

Peace On Earth - 5
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Learning on the Way

What does Christmas look like in your family? Share some of your traditions with the group. What are you not looking forward to about the holidays? What is the hardest thing for you about the holidays this year?

Do you consider constructive criticism as a sign of love? How do you handle caring critique from people that love you? Are you accepting or defensive? (Do you try to play down your error and shift the blame? Do you seek to defend yourself, boasting about your “good deeds” in order to prove that you are better than another? Or do you go on the attack and point out the other person’s sin or error? Do you resent or harbor anger against the person who criticizes you?)

How do you give critique? Do you give critique in a caring and loving way through asking thoughtful questions? Or do you make accusations that are critical and uncaring? How do people typically react when you give critique?

What are your motivations for giving advice, critique, or even correction when necessary. Do you do it to prove you know more than the person or do you do it to ease burdens and keep peace? How can you be sure that your motives are pure when you give caring critique?