Peace On Earth – 10

January 23, 2023

Series: Peace On Earth

Peace On Earth - 10
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Learning on the way

Share some your stories about how God is making peace in your relationships and how He is using you to be a peacemaker.

Do you remember the time when you were caught in your sin without the hope of the gospel? Talk about how remembering your past life informs how you love and serve God and how you serve others. What role does this (or should this) play in reconciling relationships in your life?

Does the joy of you being reconciled to God spill over into a desire to be reconciled to others and to see reconciliation in others? Why or why not? Tell us how this joy is spilling over.

What are some of the difficulties and hardships that need to be overcome so you can see reconciliation in your relationships? How can we pray and help in overcoming those difficulties in each other’s relationships? How does Scripture give us hope in those difficulties?

What are the initial steps you need to take to begin making peace in the broken relationships in your life? How can we help each other take those steps?