Palm Sunday - John 12

April 11, 2022
Palm Sunday - John 12
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Learning On The Way

As we approach the Easter season share with you group some of your favorite memories from this time in your past. If you didn’t grow up in church did Easter have any significance to your family? Looking back what was the focus of the holiday?

Does the concept of a humble Messiah King attract you to who Christ is or does it repel you? What are the reasons for either answer?

Have you ever had any misconceptions about who Jesus is? Have you ever felt disappointed with who Jesus truly is? What was going on in your life that made you feel that way? What do you think was going on in your heart to make you feel that way?

How are you doing lifting up the lifted-up Christ? Are you regularly sharing the gospel and discipling others? How can your small group help you with that? How can the whole church help you with that? What are some things you can do to help you share the gospel more often?