Luke 9:57-62

January 14, 2020
Pastor Dale Tompkins

Speaker: Dale Tompkins

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Learning on The Way:

When we make something a priority it will typically get done. What’s an example of where you have prioritized the wrong things in your life? How did it impact your relationship with God?

Making Jesus a priority will cause alienation with the world. The message of the gospel will create alienation. How have you seen this take place in your life? Remember this alienation is not because you are acting like a jerk and trying to cause division. Give an example where you may have used Jesus to alienate another in the past.

Making Jesus a priority will mean that proclaiming the gospel will be important in your life. How do you make proclaiming the gospel a priority in your life? Have you invited others to church so that the “professionals” can share the gospel? Or do you see yourself as a missionary sent out from the church each week?

Making Jesus a priority means being consistent. Are you dependable and reliable? We can sacrifice perseverance with performance. Do you look forward to being with God and his people? Do you have the consistency of not only attendance but the consistency of the heart? Do you only show up when you don’t have a better offer? (Hebrews 10:24-26)

Do you make Jesus a priority in your rest? In your finances? Entertainment choices? If not what would look different in your life if you did?