Luke 9:46-50

January 14, 2020

Series: Gospel of Luke

Luke 9:46-50
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Learning on The Way

Pride is a preoccupation with yourself. It can look like thinking too highly or yourself like the disciples in our passage. However, it can also be thinking too little of yourself. Your focus is always on you. Have you ever thought of pride this way? How do you see pride show up in your life?

Pride is what ultimately creates division in the body of Christ. We want to feel special, superior, and right like the disciples in the passage. Who in your life are you tempted to feel this way about? Describe how this kind of pride has caused division in the past in your life.

To attack our pride, we must remember how God saved us, that we were hopeless without Him and that the gift of faith He gives, kills pride. We cannot boast in ourselves because God has saved us, and we cannot save ourselves. How has God used those things listed above to attack pride in your life?

Jesus said that the greatest in His kingdom are the weakest and broken among us as well as those who serve and care for them. What are some challenges you personally fight trying to serve others? Where do you resist serving?