Luke 9:28-36

January 14, 2020

Series: Gospel of Luke

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Learning on The Way

When was the last time you had the glory of God overshadow your life? Share with your group what that experience with God looked like.

Is Jesus the biggest thing in your life? Do you let other activities like work, hobbies, sports, family time overshadow God? If you have kids would they say based on the patterns of your life that you prioritized God? If you don’t have kids or kids old enough ask your small group to answer this for you.

This passage shows us that the disciples are falling asleep while praying. Can you identify with the disciples in your prayer life? How is your prayer life currently?

Are you living for your own glory? Or are you living for Jesus’s glory? What would living for God’s glory instead of your glory look like in your life? What needs to change in your life this week?