Luke 9:10-17

September 29, 2019

Series: Gospel of Luke

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Learning on The Way

Jesus is exhausted and grieving the beheading of John the Baptist, yet He still responds to the crowds with compassion and grace. What does this show you about the character of Jesus? How have you experienced this in your own life?

Jesus is teaching the disciples to care about the needs of His followers. How has Jesus been teaching you to care for His followers? We like the disciples, always have objections to what Jesus asks us to do. Jesus always has an objection to our objections. What are your usual objections?

Jesus will take our little bit to bless it, break it, and multiply it to then give away to others. Do you take your little bit to Jesus? Or do you instead live in a scarcity mentality, hoarding up what little you have for yourself? How does hoarding affect you spiritually, mentally, and emotionally? The disciples gave Jesus all they had. Do you feel that you give Jesus all you have? What areas do you hold back?

There is a misconception that as the church we pay the pastor to do the work of the ministry. Instead, the pastor’s role is to equip the saints for the work of the church. As disciples of Jesus, we are all called to do the work of His ministry. Have you been guilty of this kind of mentality? In what ways has this changed in your life? In what ways has God asked you to minister for Him?