Luke 8:16-21

August 25, 2019

Series: Gospel of Luke

Luke 8:16-21
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Learning on The Way

How are you actively trying to hear/read the Word? How do you respond when you hear it? What opportunities do you give yourself each week to hear the Word of God? Given where you are now in your walk with God is it more or less intake of the Word than in the past?

What areas do you struggle to be obedient to what the word has said? Are there areas you have seen growth or find it easier to be obedient?

The Bible commands us to put off the old self to be renewed in our spirit and put on the new self. Ephesians 4:25-32 Paul gives several practical examples of what that looks like. What areas in your life do you need to put off old behaviors and what new behaviors do you need to replace them with? (It is important in this discussion to remember that we also need our spirits renewed and that can only be done by God. So asking him for help is essential for this process to work the way Paul intended.)

Jesus said that those who hear his word and does what it said are His family? Have you ever considered other believers as your family?