Luke 8:40-56

September 15, 2019

Series: Gospel of Luke

Luke 8:40-56
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Learning on The Way

How do you underestimate Jesus “Power” over sickness and death? Does your prayer life reflect this power? Do you ever focus so much on the physical healing that you forget about the spiritual healing that Jesus wants for you and your friends?

Faith is not abandoning reason instead faith requires thinking and reasoning. Have you ever considered that faith requires thinking and reasoning? How is this view of faith different from what you have understood in the past? Watch this video for some insight into how reason and thinking are necessary for faith.

We are to walk by faith and not by sight. How have you let sight distract you from the truth? Do you battle with your emotions or your circumstances distracting you from the truth? Please share the most recent example you can recall.

How have you tried to please God in the past? How has that led you to despair? What does it look like to please God in Jesus in your life?