Luke 7:36-50

August 4, 2019

Series: Gospel of Luke

Luke 7:36-50
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Learning on The Way

If you were talking to Simon how would you retell the parable in today’s terminology? Take some time to have everyone share their parable.

When you look at the sanctification diagram, which side do you find yourself emphasizing at the expense of the other side? Do you only focus on God and growing in knowledge and grace or do you tend to only focus on your sin? What has been the result of your overemphasis on only one side of Sanctification? [Click Here to View the Sanctification Slide]

Do you see people for their past or their potential? How does how you view them affect the way you are able to love and serve them? Have you ever had someone see your potential rather than your past? What effect did that have on your spiritual walk?