Luke 2:21-38

February 11, 2020

Series: Gospel of Luke

Luke 2:21-38

Learning on The Way

Jesus came to fulfill the law. For Luke, it is important for everyone to know that Jesus was raised from the beginning to be observant to the law. Why was that so important for Theopolis a roman official to know? Why was that important for the people of Israel to know?

Why do you think that Luke highlighted the ages of Simeon and Anna? What did their age correspond to within the gospel narrative? Had you ever noticed that Luke points out their age before?

Both Simeon and Anna looked with enthusiasm toward the hope of the prophets that God would send a messiah. They were overjoyed upon meeting Jesus because they saw him as the fulfillment of God’s word. Why do you think that others in the nation of Israel did not share their joyous view of Jesus?

How have you understood the connection between the age of the Law and prophets and the age of the Messiah? Do you struggle with understanding why we should study the Old Testament? Do you struggle to see its value in light of the new age of the Messiah? Why was it so important for Luke to connect the age of the Law with the age of Jesus?