Luke 2:1-20

January 14, 2020

Series: Gospel of Luke

Topic: entitlement

Luke 2:1-20
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Learning on The Way

When you look at where you are in life have you ever struggled to see how God was going to get you somewhere else? How like Joseph and Mary has God supernaturally intervened in your life to change your location or situation?

The shepherds were looked down upon in their society as a lower class at this time in history. The angel’s announcement of the gospel to the shepherds is a good reminder that the gospel is for the needy not the self-righteous. Do you find yourself identifying with the needy or struggling with judging the needy? Does the idea of neediness make you uncomfortable?

“When others are not working as hard as we think we are, we become hard and justify our resentment. The posture of entitlement that leads to judgment is fueled by insecurity. To hide our insecure places, we project out contempt (other-centered contempt) in order to feel better about our own deficiencies.”
Do you find yourself struggling with Entitlement and not being grateful for the gospel? Where do you struggle with entitlement the most? (For instance, when we think we don’t need help as much as others people need help we are acting entitled.) How has pondering on the gospel led to gratitude in your life?

Do you ever find yourself just pondering the gospel?