Luke 11:1-13

February 11, 2020

Series: Gospel of Luke

Luke 11:1-13
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Learning on The Way

Most people lived in one-room houses and slept with their families all in the same room. Why would this situation be bothersome?

How does indifference toward God hurt your personal relationship with him? When something doesn’t go your way how do you respond? Do you get impatient and angry or do you throw your hands up and quit? How does this relate to your personal prayer requests?

As we see in verse 13, Jesus isn’t comparing the sleeping man to God, instead, he is contrasting him with God. But He is giving us an example to follow in the man seeking food. What does this man request? Why does this man make his request? How self-focused are your prayers? When you pray, do you typically pray for people or circumstances to change, or do you ask God to change you?

Have you ever given any thought to how your personal expectations affect your spiritual life? What comes to mind?

What are some ways in which your ideas about God contradict the truth? If you aren’t sure what the truth about God is, share with your group where your struggle and allow your group to help you discover the truth.