Luke 11:37-54

February 3, 2020

Series: Gospel of Luke

Luke 11:37-54
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Learning on The Way

Sermon Text: Luke 11:37-54

Are you startled by Jesus’ sharp words in this passage? Is it surprising to you that Jesus’ sharpest words were reserved for the most religious people of his day who claimed to know the Word of God the best?

Pharisees set their own standard of holiness often including part of God’s word.”
How have you judged a Christian because they did something that the Bible doesn’t forbid? Or how have you judged a Christian because they didn’t do something that the Bible doesn’t command? Is there anyone you should call or see this week and confess and repent to?

“Rigid insistence on trivial matters is very often a cover for inner sin.”
Where do you find yourself focusing on the minors instead of the major things like loving your neighbor and God as much as yourself? Don’t just think about theology. If you are married think about times you have focused on minute little things around the house or with your spouse to cover for an inner sin? As you examine your heart why do you find yourself doing that?

How have you been mistaught the word of God in the past? What problems did that create in your walk with God? How has this affected the way you understand what holiness means?