Luke 11:14-28

February 11, 2020

Series: Gospel of Luke

Luke 11:14-28
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Learning on The Way

What (if anything) stands out or draws your attention in this text and why? Does what grabs your attention take away from you seeing the character of Jesus behind the work of Jesus?

Is it possible that your focus on the work of Jesus distorts your view and perception of who he is and his character? If so how? Do you tend to seek Jesus for more of his work in your life or for more of him?

How do you tend to read yourselves into scripture when it’s not about you? How does this impact your daily life?

How do you find it comforting that even the most powerful forces in this world cannot stand up to Jesus’ power? Does this truth give you boldness in the spiritual warfare you face in your day to day life? If not why?

Ask others in your small group if they believe you have been blinded by your position in life so that you are unable to perceive God’s power because it’s a threat to what you have built?