Laying the Foundation

November 5, 2018

Topic: marriage

Laying the Foundation
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Learning on The Way

1 Do you struggle with seeing marriage and relationships with others as good?
Think about this quote, “Our call is not to gravitate toward people like us but to gather strangers and turn them into family. To gather enemies and turn them into friends.” Then read Matthew 5:46–47 when you think about gospel-centered relationships is this your first thought? And do you see this as good?

2 Have you ever been guilty of worshiping a person you were in a relationship with or expecting them to worship you? How do you struggle with authority in your marriage and other relationships?

3 Have you ever waited on your spouse (or another person you are in a relationship with) to change before you changed?

4 Read Isaiah 43:7, 2 Corinthians 5:9 and 1 Corinthians 10:31 and this quote below aloud in group. How does the purpose of living for God’s glory affect your relationships? Your marriage? Your parenting?

“When we begin to orient our marriages around biblical truth, we see something amazing. Marriage was not just invented by God, it belongs to God. He has a unique claim over its design, purpose, and goals… That’s right. Marriage is not first about me or my spouse… God is the most important person in a marriage. Marriage is for our good, but it is first for God’s glory. This may seem odd, surprising, or difficult to accept, but it’s a vital truth for every Christian married couple.” When Sinners Say “I Do”, David Harvey, p. 25