Jesus’ Joy Shared with Us.

October 9, 2022
Jesus’ Joy Shared with Us.

Learning on The Way

Do you think you have true Christian joy or do you merely have human happiness? Is your happiness and peace based on your circumstances or what Christ has done for you? Do people know you as a joyful person? Do people gravitate towards you the more they know you or away from you?

Does your life make God’s character public? If people judged God’s character by your life, what would they think of God? How can we more accurately display God’s character in our individual lives? In our corporate worship gatherings?

Do you demonstrate the care and love Jesus has for His people by loving and caring for His people? What about His love for those who don’t know Christ? Is your care and love for people dependent on how they treat you? How can we give selflessly instead of selfishly? How can we give them truth instead of deception?

Since the church’s identity is found in its unity in Christ, what are some ways we can promote unity within Church on the Way? How about unity with other faithful, gospel-centered churches? How can our unity help us spread the gospel more effectively to those outside the Church?