December 12, 2021
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Learning on The Way

1. Although we are living in the already/not yet as God’s dwelling place is expanded through the earth, what are some practical ways we can engage in the work of expanding the dwelling place of God?

2. Considering the advent season, how can we live out “standing in awe” of Immanuel, God with us, especially during this time of year?

3. How does living in anticipation of the New Jerusalem inform the way we live as a part of the new temple of God, especially in the context of the local church?

4. The Old Testament prophets mourned the reality of sin in Jerusalem and the Old Testament temple. What are some ways we fall short of being a pure New Testament temple? What are some ways we can mourn the reality of those sins? What are some steps we can take to correct those sins and work for the purity of the Church in this age?

5. What are some hindrances to living out the fact that God dwells in us by his Spirit? How can we ensure that those hindrances are reduced and removed as we grow in grace?