Haggai 1

October 17, 2022

Series: Haggai

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Learning on The Way

Are you encouraged that God can use anyone He chooses to accomplish His purposes? Do you sometimes use your perceived inabilities as a crutch to not serve as you should?

What things distract you from working for God and serving Him? What are some excuses you use for not working and serving? What are you doing to overcome those distractions and excuses?

Haggai tells us to consider our ways. Did you make an effort this week to consider your ways? If yes, what did you find- negative or positive? What changes are you endeavoring to implement in your life? If you did not consider your ways, why not? What does this indicate about the current state of your relationship with God? What would you like to change?

Give an example this week where you were encouraged by remembering God’s presence. If you to remember his presence, what are you turning to instead? What distractions or lesser things are keeping your focus off of God?