Guatemala Mission Sunday

October 25, 2021

Topic: missions

Guatemala Mission Sunday
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We are qualified to come to Jesus because of our absolute need for Jesus. Have you ever looked at your need in that way? How does that thought change the way you see your neediness? Do you believe that God can use us the most when we are broken?

What are the sins of your mouth (complaining, judging, envying, etc.) revealing about the state of our heart? Do you see the fruits of the spirit in your life? Which fruits are missing? Are the missing fruits because of trying to make God happy with your efforts?

We can forget our daily need for the gospel. We get so busy working for Jesus approval that we get caught in a cycle of performance. We can then expect and demand that same performance from others. Have you ever found yourself caught in a cycle of performance? How have you demanded performance from others or judged them based on your expectations for them? How do remind yourself of the gospel daily?