Friends with God the Spirit

January 15, 2024
Friends with God the Spirit
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Learning on the Way

Would you say the will of Christ merely limits your will or IS your will? What do think the difference is between the two? How would your life be different if the will of Christ is your will instead of merely limiting your will?

Share a testimony of how the Holy Spirit was a comfort to you. How was the comfort of the Holy Spirit different/better than the comfort the world gives? What did that teach you about comforting others?

How well do you do memorizing scripture? What hinders you from doing it? What tips can you share that would be helpful for memorizing scripture? What steps can we take to do a better job memorizing scripture?

There were three things scripture tells us not to do to God the Spirit, Grieve- Ephesians 4:30, Quench- 1 Thessalonians 5:19-22, or Resist- Acts 7:50-52 the Holy Spirit. Are you currently or in the past struggling in one of these three areas? How? What steps are you taking (or did take) to rectify the situation? What change did you notice in your friendship with the Spirit?